Get to know NUADA: A smart glove with artificial tendons

smart glove artificial tendons

Life after an injury or a decrease in hand strength caused by illness can be challenging. Fortunately, NUADA smart glove can give you a helping hand. This soft exoskeleton has special built-in sensors and artificial tendons, which provide support to the hand whenever required.

In most cases, the loss of strength in your hands can affect your personal well-being. You may have to depend on someone else for simple everyday tasks like brushing your teeth or have a glass of water.

Besides its compact design and intuitive control system, there are other key features that make NUADA glove a distinctive assistive hand device, especially when compared with other solutions available in the market.

A safe and simple smart glove with artificial tendons

NUADA glove combines high-tech and wearability, allowing almost anyone to use this support system. This device is very intuitive and easy to use.

You just need to put on the glove and wristband (which looks just like a smartwatch) and activate the control system. Sensors in the glove detect your intent through natural hand movements. The smart glove then supports these movements using a set of artificial tendons sewed into the fabric.

The interaction with the system is very natural and simple. The device is completely safe as it contains various safety features. Whenever needed, the system triggers a response simply by following the movements of your hand.

The power of artificial tendons in a lightweight exoskeleton

NUADA smart glove uses thin, breathable, flexible, and smart textiles that can be customized. It was developed to be an everyday essential wearable that allows you to even forget you are wearing it.

Even though this support system only weighs 270 g, the built-in artificial tendons will enable you to grasp objects up to 40 kg with a completely relaxed hand! This means that every time you wear this smart glove, you will have lift capacity and grip force for most of your daily activities.

A non-intrusive support system

NUADA hand exoskeleton is ergonomic, comfortable and discreet, using several lightweight components to provide a non-intrusive solution to the hand.

It looks like a regular fabric glove used in combination with a smart bracelet. However, in its interior, there are artificial tendons and sensors providing you full control of movement from the moment the system is activated.

The control system, battery and motors required to support this are all in the wrist bracelet, which has a box like case on the underside of the wrist.

This smart glove with sensors and artificial tendons will support your hand functions and help you manipulate objects with more confidence. You will be able to perform your everyday tasks in a discreet way.

Long-lasting battery for your daily activities

NUADA smart glove is energetically efficient. Since the system is fully embedded on the glove and bracelet, it does not require any battery backpacks.

The battery lasts roughly 16 hours, which is perfectly adequate for a full day of normal use. After using the glove throughout the day, you can simply recharge it overnight using the USB-C cable included in the glove pack.

An innovative solution for regaining your independence

NUADA´s mission is to build the best product and implement solutions that allow people with hand disabilities to be more independent. With the goal to give you the chance to regain control and autonomy in your day-to-day activities, NUADA´s glove was designed to meet your needs.

Besides being lighter, smaller and energetically efficient than currently available alternatives, NUADA glove is also significantly cheaper than other options.

NUADA: A support system for your everyday life

Most of the existing alternatives are not suitable for a daily basis use. They are not made for everyone or every occasion.

By being safe, light, simple, smart, small, energy efficient and discreet, NUADA glove may be the ideal solution for your everyday life. It will help you boost your hand strength and grip, allowing you to regain your independence.

There are different solutions available for hand function support and hand disability problems, but NUADA smart glove is unique and brings clear benefits to your daily life.

Whether you have lost your hand strength or suffer from acute hand pain, NUADA smart glove, specially designed with artificial tendons, will help you improve your wellbeing.

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